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 Solar module:


  µ-SIS -> … the concept

Microscopic testing technology for photovoltaics:
In addition to camera systems already in use, the µ-SIS
(selective inspection system) permits the recognition of:

  1. Wafer edge chipping
  2. Chipping
  3. Cracks / sawing lines / µ-cracks
  4. Peeling layers
  5. Soiling

Compared with the camera systems already in use that work with a resolution in the range of 20µm – 40µm, the µ-SIS microscopic system makes it possible to display a structure / µ-crack recognition in the range of 1µm.

The µ-SIS makes it possible to perform industrial quality tests with resolutions of less than 1µm! The AMBIS™, a patent of the University of Münster in Germany, enables images to be acquired without stopping the microscope table during image acquisition (factor 20x speed).

With the aid of an upstream camera system, e.g. with a line scan camera, the suspected areas are ascertained and subsequently transferred as coordinates to the microscope. By means of an axis system (patent pending), the microscope can then inspect specifically selected areas in-line. This allows different surfaces to be optimally illuminated by custom-developed illumination concepts.

Large image formats up to 400 plus GB can be displayed by the arivis browser. The arivis browser is a modular software system used for the management, visual display and analysis of image data of virtually unlimited size. All the functionalities available (e.g. as a 2D image, as a 3D image stack), can be processed on normal PCs as an option. The AlfaVis image analysis software permits process control on the basis of ‘easy-teach’ test methods for in-line testing.

Technical data

Applications: Wafer production, solar cell inspection, solar modules, thin-film inspection, surface testing, printout characterisation
Camera / lens: Orthogonal camera module featuring megapixel technology,
camera pixel resolution 1,360 x 1,040 pixels (pixel size 6.4 x 6.4 µm),
other resolutions are possible depending on the application.
F.O.V. 1,320 x 1,012 pixels 5x lens
F.O.V. 660 x 500 pixels 10x lens
F.O.V. 330 x 250 pixels 20x lens
F.O.V. 165 x 125 pixels 40x lens
Working range: 250 mm x 250 mm (other working ranges by arrangement)
Scanning speed: 30 mm / sek.
Test durations: depending on F.O.V.
Software: ICAT browser image montage
AlfaVis image analysis
Option: Processing of image formats of up to 400 GB with
arivis - Multiple Image Tools
Connected loads: 220 – 240 VAC, 50Hz
Dimensions: 1,200mm x 800 mm x 1,600 mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 450 kg

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