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Vision – image processing solutions

We supply you with complete solutions, ranging from program analysis to the drafting of specifications and prototyping in in-house laboratories, through to the commissioning of systems and training of staff. Depending on the complexity of the solutions, the components used, such as industrial PCs, cameras and lighting, are developed in-house or are assembled specially for you by leading manufacturers. At the heart of our image processing solution is the AlfaVis software, which is based on the libraries from Matrox, the market leader in the field of image acquisition.

Main areas of application: Inspection and quality assurance, presence and absence checking, printout comparisons, pattern matching, position recognition, identification and material tracking by reading OCR fonts, proportional fonts over multiple lines, rotated in any position. Data Matrix codes
, barcodes, Postnet, stringreaders, planet codes
and UPC camera-assisted sorting and positioning, pick & place, positioning, also in conjunction with robots, camera-controlled gripping… and much more, with up to 8 cameras per PC and more.

… a wide range of applications is available:

A = Analogue / monochrome camera
C = CMOS camera
D = Digital camera
E = Endoscope
F = Colour camera
I = Intelligent camera
P = PCB camera
M = Microscopy
S = Black/white camera
V = Vision sensor
Z = Line scan camera

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Data transfer – protocols – traceability – solutions

Data transfer is made on the basis of ASCII data.
The following interfaces are available:

  • Digitale I-O´s
  • PLC connection
  • Ethernet
  • Camera Link

As a protocol and traceability solution, the following options are available:

  • Transfer of the ASCII data to company databases
  • Transfer to an Excel macro and automatic launch for the printout of a PDF data format
  • LabVIEW © connection

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Digital camera application

Line scan camera application

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